#Behindthephoto ı Elisabeth Rico

#behindthephoto with Elisabeth Rico


Arriving at the end of the ceremony the bride had turned to make a nod to her best friends who came from Hungary, her reaction followed was that gesture laughing and looking up by joining her hands as if giving thanks. For me it reflects a moment of pure happiness, being with your family in Hungary and getting married. As for the frame, I could have left the couple alone, but I preferred to add the two brothers to contextualize the moment and the reaction. Yes it is something closed, but on the left I had the back of the judge and behind me a wall that would not let me back to gain space, I would have liked the action to breathe more air, but I’m left with the gesture of the bride. Technical data. Nikon D800 50mm 2.8 1/1600 1/200

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